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UWAY Ubox | How to Help People Cut Cable and Satellite Cost and Ma...
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Publish-date-icon March 23, 2015
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UWAY Ubox  | How to Help People Cut Cable and Satellite Cost and Make Money

This is an incredible opportunity 'cuz there is nothing like it in the market. Sure, people may be saying that there are IP boxes available on the market but they don’t have support and they don’t come with the proprietary app that makes your box a smart instrument that goes out on the internet and constantly seek out the best streams. Other boxes out there do not have the capability of updating for the best streams. You are able to get this technology right now and be light years ahead of everyone else. This is so simple to set up. All you have to do after you unbox it is hook it up to your TV, plug it in and get it connected to your wifi or Ethernet! You get to surf channels right away!

And if you are looking for an opportunity to make a lot of money with something that people understand, this is it! Everybody knows TV, everybody knows Pay-Per-View, and everybody goes to the movie theatre. Well, you are doing away with paying for all of that. You are giving them a unit where they can be home and watch newly released movies! You’re giving them a unit where they will never have to pay monthly fees. Take a look at other companies out there - Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Fire, there's amonthly subscription just to access their content. But the content out there is free! We just created a unit that allows you to get all of the content at no cost to you once you purchase the box for $399. If you want to become a distributor, there’s an additional annual fee of $50. You want to make a few hundred dollars over the weekend? Plug in your box, invite your friends to come by and watch a Pay-Per-View Event, such as NBA, NFL, Hockey, Boxing or MMA matches on High Definition for free! If they love Concerts on Pay-Per-View, this box will have it too! Show them that everything you can possibly imagine is available. Cartoons for the kids, soap operas, TV series from the 60’s. Show them there is nothing they will ever need that is entertainment related once they have this unit. It has local channels and television channels from overseas whether it is in Hong Kong, Japan or the Philippines. And because the box can easily be moved, you will be able to watch all of your shows where ever you are. From TV in your home to a hotel, or when you are tailgating, you can hook it up outside as long as you have internet connection or personal hotspot. You can watch things other people can’t get because they might not have a line of (is this supposed to be "in" instead of "of"?) site with their dish. You have 3 options. One is to buy a unit or a few units today and save a lot of money on subscriptions,

Pay-Per-View Fees, and Movie Tickets. Two is to become a Distributor and make a lot of money helping people save money. And third, do nothing and keep spending money on subscriptions, Pay-Per-View Fees and Movie Tickets and possibly lose out on a supplementary income that just might turn into a full time income with residual income that could turn into your retirement income! If you chose options 1 & 2, welcome to Ubox Live and enjoy a lifetime of entertainment for free!

For more information you can call our TOLL FREE number @ (844) 564-6074 or simply visit us here: http://getfreetvforlife.com/

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